Geometric + Patterned Geometric + Patterned

Marshalls New Orleans Collection Bourbon Street, Edinburgh Tile Studio

Italian Porcelain New Orleans Bourbon Street
Available in the following formats:
Plain 10x20cm brick, Plain 20x20cm square, Decor 10x20cm brick, Decor 20x20cm square, Plain Hexagon 24x27cm, Decor Hexagon 24x27cm.

New Orleans, Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street has complementary Decor tiles which can be used alone, combined with the base tiles to create highly distinctive statement floors, or used more subtly as decorative borders.

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    Natural, Patterned, Porcelain


    100mm x 200mm x 10.5mm, 200mm x 200mm x 10.5mm, Hexagonal 240mm x 277mm x 10.5mm


    Blues, Greys