At Edinburgh Tile Studio we’re happy to offer a variety of standard discount points, covering both quantities ordered, and the holistic cost of your project:

Retail Quantity Discounts:

– Total of 25 sqm+:  10% discount

– Total of 50 sqm+:  12.5% discount

– Total of 75 sqm+:  15% discount

Discount offered on quantities ordered will be applied to the order directly.

Whole Project Discounts:

Discount offered holistically across a number of spaces will be applied against the concluding space, and calculated against an understanding of the job total at the point of order.  Retrospective discounts may be offered at discretion, on a project-by-project basis.

Delivery costs will be charged at cost, but not discounted.  Discounts offered are only applicable to tiles.

Trade discounts:

At Edinburgh Tile Studio we’ve a number of years of experience working with a variety of trade clients – whether Architects, Designers, or Builders – and we do offer trade terms accordingly.  We’re also perfectly at ease in discussing end-client requirements, and where discounts, and / or commission, should be apportioned.

Depending on whether Edinburgh Tile Studio receives additional discount from our suppliers, we’re also happy to compound trade discounts with quantity and whole project cost discounts.

If you’re an Architect, Designer, or Builder and wish to discuss the services that Edinburgh Tile Studio can provide, please do feel free to contact us with your company number and project requirements.